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About us

Astria Learning, an innovative ed-tech enterprise, is revolutionizing online education in Zambia. Through cutting-edge platforms, Astria Learning is bridging the education gap and empowering learners to access course materials, engage in dynamic online discussions, and complete assessments remotely, from the comfort of their homes.


With a focus on improving access, quality, and affordability of education, Astria Learning is making a significant contribution to democratizing education in Zambia. By leveraging technology for social good, Astria Learning is creating unprecedented opportunities for learners who may have been marginalized by traditional education systems, while also adopting sustainable and cost-effective practices that minimize environmental impact.


Astria Learning is paving the way towards a brighter and more inclusive future for education in Zambia, with its commitment to leveraging technology to transform the educational landscape and empower learners to reach their full potential.

Our solutions

Learning Management Systems

Connect with students and distribute key learning materials quickly and efficiently.

Student Information Systems

Manage individual student information from application right the way through to graduation.

Interactive e-Library

Get exclusive access to thousands of eBooks and academic sources, no matter where your students are.


Online Program Management

Take a comprehensive approach to every aspect of eLearning program development and execution.

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Florence K. Mpemba

Country Manager